Agenda Report

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Finance, Audit, and Budget Committee Meeting
January 04, 2017 12:00 PM
Finance, Audit, and Budget Committee Meeting

Educational Service Unit No. 3
6949 So. 110th Street
LaVista, NE 68128

Video Conference Sites: ESU 3 Host
DL Sites: ESU3, 4, 6, 10, 18

1. Call to OrderCommittee Chair Schnoes
2. Roll CallCommittee Chair Schnoes
3. Agenda ItemCommittee Chair Schnoes
A. Approve Claims, Financials Statements, and Assets for Month of NovemberCommittee Chair Schnoes
B. Approval of November Expenses paid in December.Committee Chair - Schnoes
C. Approval of December Expenses to be paid in January.
D. Monthly Staff Budget MeetingCommittee Chair Schnoes
E. ESUCC State AuditCommittee Chair Schnoes
F. Biennial Budget/State Budget ShortfallExecutive Director Ludwig
G. Master Service Agreement 2017-2018Executive Director Ludwig
I. PDOExecutive Director Ludwig
a. NWEAExecutive Director Ludwig
II. BlendEdExecutive Director Ludwig
a. BlendED Admin Fee Executive Director Ludwig
b. BlendED Projects/BlendedExecutive Director Ludwig
c. BlendED Projects/Distance EducationExecutive Director Ludwig
d. Media On DemandExecutive Director Ludwig
e. Learning Object Repository (LOR)Executive Director Ludwig
f. IMAT Learning ObjectsExecutive Director Ludwig
g. IMAT Special ProjectsExecutive Director Ludwig
h. BlendEd Projects/Identity ManagementExecutive Director Ludwig
i. BlendEd Projects/21st Century ESU Module (BrightBytes)Executive Director Ludwig
III. CoopExecutive Director Ludwig
IV. SRSExecutive Director Ludwig
a. Special Education ProjectsExecutive Director Ludwig
b. SRS Fees (Tiered)Executive Director Ludwig
4. Next Meeting Agenda ItemsCommittee Chair Schnoes
5. Executive SessionCommittee Chair Schnoes
6. AdjournmentCommittee Chair Schnoes