Agenda Report

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Regular Meeting
April 03, 2014 8:30 AM
ESU No. 3
6949 South 110th Street
LaVista, NE

1. ESU Coordinating Council InformationESUCC President - Jeff West
2. Call to OrderESUCC President - Jeff West
3. Roll CallESUCC President - Jeff West
4. Approval of MinutesESUCC President - Jeff West
5. Petitions and Communications to the BoardESUCC President - Jeff West
A. State Board of Education and Nebraska Department of Education ReportNebraska Department of Education
B. Association of Education Service Agency's ReportAESA Representative - Jeff West
6. Executive ReportsESUCC President - Jeff West
A. Executive Committee ReportDave Ludwig
I. Information ItemChair of Committee - Jeff West
a. 2014-2015 ESU AdminESUCC President - Jeff West
b. 2014-2015 ESUCC Committee StructureESUCC President - Jeff West
c. 2014-2015 Draft ESUCC Calendar
d. Staff Salary ProposalESUCC President - Jeff West
e. 6 Weeks Policy ReviewESUCC President - Jeff West
*. Current Approved PoliciesESUCC President - Jeff West
*. Policies Waiting to be ApprovedESUCC President - Jeff West
f. May Meeting - no DL
g. ESU 3 Office Space LeaseScott Isaacson
B. Executive Director ReportScott Isaacson
C. Treasurers Report - Finance Committee RecommendationsChair of Committee - Dennis Radford
I. Approve Claims, Financials Statements, and Assets for Month of February. Chair of Committee
7. Public Comment ESUCC President - Jeff West
8. Recommendations from Standing Committees and Project ReportsESUCC President - Jeff West
A. Finance, Audit, Budget CommitteeChair of Committee - Dennis Radford
I. Review Salaries
II. Information ItemChair of Committee - Dennis Radford
a. Audit - Exit Conference on March 26
b. Budget Planning
*. Review Salaries
*. Review Contract for StaffDennis Radford
*. Master Service Agreement
c. Coop Member EquityPaul Tedesco
III. Recommended Actions ItemsChair of Committee
a. Approve Claims, Financials Statements, and Assets for Month of February. Chair of Committee
B. Technology CommitteeChair of Committee - Bob Uhing
I. Information ItemChair of Committee
a. Affiliate Reports
*. IMATRhonda Eis
*. DEACGordon Roethemeyer
*. TAGEric Smith
*. NOCScott Isaacson
b. Project Reports
*. Safari Montage ImplementationRhonda Eis
*. Renovo - Funds UsageGordon Roethemeyer
*. LMS - Statewide Support
*. BlendEd UpdateBlendEd Chairs
-. NROC ContractScott Isaacson
*. Identity ManagementScott Isaacson
-. Network Nebraska Staffing ProposalGary Needham
*. Issue ViewEric Smith
*. NDE Data Dashboard & HostingEric Smith
*. Statewide Projects Inventory - YAMSScott Isaacson
c. Master Service Agreement and Budget RequestsChair of Committee - Bob Uhing
*. TAG
*. NOC
*. BlendEd/Safari ProjectRhonda Eis
d. NDE Master Services AgreementScott Isaacson
C. Cooperative Purchasing ProjectChair of Committee - Paul Tedesco
I. Information ItemChair of Committee - Paul Tedesco
a. ESM UpdateKip Schneider
*. Easy Purchase FeesKip Schneider
*. Ordering/Billing/PaymentKip Schneider
*. Account Setup
*. ReportingKip Schneider
*. Delivery
b. Program updatesKip Schneider
*. Annual BuyKip Schneider
*. Food BuyKip Schneider
*. Custodial buyKip Schneider
*. Year-round catalogKip Schneider
*. Special Buys - i.e. WorldBookKip Schneider
c. Future EffortsKip Schneider
*. Organizing Statewide DemandKip Schneider
d. Policy Adoption - Unified Policies & TimelineKip Schneider
e. Coop Revenue, Expenses & EquityPaul Tedesco /
Priscilla Quinatana
f. Budget Planning
*. Review/revise Master Service Agreement for CoopKip Schneider
D. PD Leadership CommitteeChair of Committee - Dave Ludwig/
Jeff West
I. Master Service Agreement ChangeChair of Committee - Dave Ludwig
II. Information ItemChair of Committee - Dave Ludwig/
Jeff West
a. Affiliate Report - SDA
*. SDA Rigorous Curriculum Training
b. May PDOChair of Committee - Dave Ludwig/
Jeff West
c. Math Grant UpdateScott Isaacson/
Deb Hericks
d. Budget ProtocolChair of Committee - Dave Ludwig/
Jeff West
e. PDO Budget RequestsChair of Committee - Dave Ludwig/
Jeff West
f. Master Service AgreementScott Isaacson/
Deb Hericks
g. Nebraska Wesleyan Reading Like a Historian Grant Proposal
E. Special Education CommitteeChair of Committee - Marge Beatty
I. Information ItemChair of Committee - Marge Beatty
a. Affiliate Report - ESPD
b. Wade Fruhling - SRS ReportWade Fruhling
*. AAP WebsiteWade Fruhling
*. Project ParaWade Fruhling
*. ILCD (Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities)Wade Fruhling
*. SRS (Student Record system)Wade Fruhling
c. IEP Training UpdateWade Fruhling
F. Legislative CommitteeChair of Committee - Dave Ludwig
I. Information ItemChair of Committee - Dave Ludwig
a. ESUCC Postions
b. ESUCC Legislative Action Plans
c. Facility StudyLegislative Committee Chair - Dave Ludwig
*. ESU Facility Study Link
d. DL Incentive FundingLegislative Committee Chair - Dave Ludwig
*. BlendEd Talking Points
e. Senator Kate Sullivan's interview
*. LB 1103: Vision
9. New and Miscellaneous BusinessESUCC President - Jeff West
10. Unfinished BusinessESUCC President - Jeff West
A. Bylaws & Policy ReviewESUCC President - Jeff West
B. Strategic Planning ProcessESUCC President - Jeff West
11. Public Comment: Recognition of VisitorsESUCC President - Jeff West
12. Executive Session
13. AdjournmentESUCC President - Jeff West