Agenda Report

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Regular Meeting
May 06, 2014 12:30 PM
ESU No. 10
76 Plaza Blvd.
Kearney, NE

1. ESU Coordinating Council Information
2. Call to Order
3. Roll Call
4. Approval of Minutes
5. Petitions and Communications to the Board
A. State Board of Education and Nebraska Department of Education ReportNebraska Department of Education
B. Association of Education Service Agency's ReportAESA Representative - Jeff West
6. Executive Reports
A. Executive Committee Report
I. ESUCC meetings for 2014-2015
II. 2014-2015 Committee StructureESUCC President - Jeff West
III. Draft ESUCC 2014-2015 MeetingsJeff West - President
IV. ESU Committee Structure
V. 2014-2015 Admin RosterJeff West - President
VI. Budget ProtocolMarge Beatty
VII. ESUCC Calendar - 2014-2015
VIII. Master Services Agreement (DRAFT)Scott Isaacson
IX. Policy Review ProcessScott Isaacson
X. ESUCC Vision
B. Executive Director Report
I. Project Support & ManagementScott Isaacson
II. Coordinated EffortsScott Isaacson
III. Aligned Planning
C. Treasurers Report - Finance Committee Recommendations
7. Public Comment ESUCC President - Jeff West
8. Recommendations from Standing Committees and Project Reports
A. Finance, Audit, Budget Committee
I. Final Audit Report - Sept 1, 2012 - Aug 31, 2013Scott Isaacson
B. Technology Committee
I. Staff ReportsChair of Committee
a. Rhonda EisRhonda Eis
b. Scott IsaacsonScott Isaacson
c. Gordon RoethemeyerGordon Roethemeyer
d. Eric SmithEric Smith
II. 682 Interim StudyKraig Lofquist
III. LMSChair of Committee - Bob Uhing
IV. NOC minutes 042314
C. Cooperative Purchasing Project
I. ESM UpdateKip Schneider
a. Annual BuyKip Schneider
b. Year Round ContractsKip Schneider
c. Wants and Needs Going ForwardKip Schneider
d. ReportingKip Schneider
II. OperationsKip Schneider
a. DeliveryKip Schneider
b. Customer SupportKip Schneider
III. General ItemsKip Schneider
IV. Contract focusKip Schneider
V. AEPA E-Procurement DiscussionsKip Schneider
VI. Policy & ProceduresKip Schneider
D. PD Leadership Committee
I. PDO Budget RequestsPD Committee Chair - Jeff West/
Dave Ludwig
II. Approve PD Budget for 2014-2015PD Committee Chair - Jeff West/
Dave Ludwig
III. Master Service AgreementPD Committee Chair - Jeff West/
Dave Ludwig
IV. NMPDS - Project Director Job Description
E. Special Education Committee
I. Wade Fruhling - SRS ReportWade Fruhling
a. SRS Report
b. Project Para
d. AAP
II. IEP Facilitation TrainingSPED Committee Chair - Marge Beatty
F. Legislative Committee
I. LB1103Chair Dave Ludwig
II. Core FundingChair Dave Ludwig
9. New and Miscellaneous Business
10. Unfinished Business
A. Bylaws & Policy ReviewESUCC President - Jeff West
B. Strategic Planning Process
11. Public Comment: Recognition of VisitorsESUCC President - Jeff West
12. Executive Session
13. Adjournment