Agenda Report

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Regular Meeting
November 19, 2014 8:30 AM
ESU No. 3
6949 South 110th Street
LaVista, NE

1. ESU Coordinating Council Information
2. Call to Order
3. Roll Call
4. Approval of Minutes
5. Petitions and Communications to the Board
A. State Board of Education and Nebraska Department of Education ReportNebraska Department of Education
B. Association of Education Service Agency's ReportAESA Representative - Jeff West
I. Lee Warne - AESAPresident Jeff West
6. Executive Reports
A. Executive Committee Report
I. ESUCC Overview: Purpose, Support and Structure
a. ESUCC VisionJeff West - President
b. Statewide Definition w/o defined graphics
II. ESUCC and NCSA Technology Programming and Use Agreement
III. Executive Director EvaluationChair of Committee/
Executive Director
B. Executive Director Report
C. Treasurers Report - Finance Committee Recommendations
7. Public Comment ESUCC President - Jeff West
8. Recommendations from Standing Committees and Project Reports
A. Finance, Audit, Budget Committee
I. Approve Claims, Financials Statements, and Assets for Month of September/OctoberChair of Committee
a. Budget Meeting 111214Chair of Committee,
Dennis Radford
II. Approval of November ExpensesCommittee Chair - Dennis Radford
III. Approval of December Claims as approved by Executive Director
IV. Approval for Executive Director to Claim Expenses/MileageChair of Committee,
Dennis Radford
V. Audit UpdateChair of Committee,
Dennis Radford
VI. Safari Contract
VII. NDE Budget ProposalExecutive Director - David M Ludwig
VIII. Fiscal Management Goals (Departmental Carry Over)Executive Director - David M Ludwig
a. Coop
b. SRSExecutive Director - David M Ludwig
c. IMATExecutive Director - David M Ludwig
d. LMSExecutive Director - David M Ludwig
B. Technology Committee
I. LB 497 HearingCommittee Chair - Bob Uhing
II. NE eLearningCommittee Chair - Bob Uhing
III. Safari Montage SupportScott Isaacson
IV. Approve Statewide LMS Plan
V. Technology Survey (BrightBytes)David Ludwig
VI. PowerSchool Statewide ModelBrian Gegg
VII. Statewide Support Model
VIII. Approval of Disposal of InventoryCommittee Chair - Bob Uhing/
Scott Isaacson
IX. Approval of additional ZOOM licenses/modified packageChair of Committee - Bob Uhing
X. IlliniCloud PresentationScott Isaacson/
Jim Peterson
C. Cooperative Purchasing Project
I. Employment for Coop Director TimelineCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
a. Job Description for Director of Cooperative Purchasing
II. ESM UpdateCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
III. Program UpdatesCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
a. Annual BuyCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
*. Prior Year CreditsChair of Committee
b. Year-Round CatalogCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
c. Special BuysCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
IV. Future EffortsCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
a. Marketing of Services to Other AgenciesCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
b. Need for Other Year Round CatalogsCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
c. Update on Advisory Committee Goals
V. Policy/ProceduresChair of Committee
a. Approve Updates to Procedural ManualChair of Committee
b. Delivery of Procedure Manual to Statewide StakeholdersChair of Committee
D. PD Leadership Committee
I. January PDOCommittee Chair - Kraig Lofquist
a. PD Planning Committee: Higher ED RepresentationDavid Ludwig
b. Invitation to Additional Statewide Stakeholders
II. NMPDS Math GrantCommittee Chair - Kraig Lofquist
a. Math Champions
E. Special Education Committee
I. Steve Milliken, NDECommittee Chair - Marge Beatty
II. ESUCC Systems Analyst TimelineExecutive Director - David M Ludwig
III. Wade Fruhling - SRS ReportWade Fruhling
a. SRS Report
b. Project Para
d. AAP
F. Legislative Committee
I. LB 1103 HearingsDavid Ludwig
II. LB 497 HearingDavid Ludwig
III. ESU Levy (JPA-Joint Partnership Agreement)David Ludwig
a. Overview of the Joint Partnership AgreementDavid Ludwig
b. Overview of Senator Input from ESU 1 & 8 MeetingDavid Ludwig
c. Development of a Master List of ESU Facility Needs Across the StateDavid Ludwig
*. Capital ImprovementDavid Ludwig
*. GrowthDavid Ludwig
*. New FacilitiesDavid Ludwig
IV. NDE Budget Proposal
V. Blue Cross, Blue ShieldCommittee Chair - Liz Standish
9. New and Miscellaneous Business
A. Best Practices DiscusionPresident Jeff West
10. Unfinished Business
A. Bylaws & Policy ReviewESUCC President - Jeff West
B. Strategic Planning Process
11. Public Comment: Recognition of VisitorsESUCC President - Jeff West
12. Executive Session
13. Adjournment