Agenda Report

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Regular Meeting
January 08, 2015 8:30 AM
ESU No. 3
6949 South 110th Street
LaVista, NE

Distance Learning available at the following sites:

ESU 3 - Host site with DL at ESUs 6, 9, 10, 18

1. ESU Coordinating Council InformationPresident - Jeff West
2. Call to OrderPresident - Jeff West
3. Roll CallPresident - Jeff West
4. Approval of MinutesPresident - Jeff West
5. Petitions and Communications to the BoardPresident - Jeff West
A. State Board of Education and Nebraska Department of Education ReportNebraska Department of Education
B. Association of Education Service Agency's ReportAESA Representative - Jeff West
6. Executive ReportsPresident - Jeff West
A. Executive Committee ReportPresident - Jeff West
I. Agenda ItemChair of Committee
a. Executive Director EvaluationCommittee Chair - Jeff West
*. Executive Director GoalsCommittee Chair - Jeff West
b. NDE Collaboration Planning Meeting - Change DateCommittee Chair - Jeff West
c. ESUCC Technology PlanESUCC Executive Director David Ludwig
d. State Audit Final ReportPresident - Jeff West
e. Master Service AgreementESUCC Executive Director David Ludwig
f. ESUCC / ESUPDO Calendars 2015-2016ESUCC Executive Director David Ludwig
g. ESU ServicesPresident - Jeff West
B. Executive Director ReportESUCC Executive Director David Ludwig
C. Treasurers Report - Finance Committee RecommendationsTreasurer - Dennis Radford
7. Public CommentESUCC President - Jeff West
8. Recommendations from Standing Committees and Project ReportsPresident - Jeff West
A. Finance, Audit, Budget CommitteeTreasurer - Dennis Radford
I. Agenda ItemCommittee Chair - Dennis Radford
a. Approve Claims, Financials Statements, and Assets for Month of NovemberCommittee Chair - Dennis Radford
b. Approval of December ExpensesCommittee Chair - Dennis Radford
c. Staff Budget Meeting on 1/5/15ESUCC Executive Director David Ludwig
d. State Audit Final ReportCommittee Chair - Dennis Radford
e. Fiscal Management Goals (Departmental Carry Over)Executive Director - David M Ludwig
*. Coop
*. SRSExecutive Director - David M Ludwig
*. IMATExecutive Director - David M Ludwig
*. LMSExecutive Director - David M Ludwig
f. Master Service AgreementCommittee Chair - Dennis Radford
B. Technology CommitteeCommittee Chair - Bob Uhing
I. Agenda ItemChair of Committee
a. Network NE ReportCommittee Chair - Bob Uhing
b. ESUCC Technology PlanUhing/
*. Approve Memorandum of Understanding with IllniCloudCommittee Chair - Bob Uhing
c. Staff ReportsChair of Committee
*. Rhonda EisRhonda Eis
*. Scott IsaacsonScott Isaacson
*. Gordon RoethemeyerGordon Roethemeyer
d. Master Service AgreementESUCC Executive Director David Ludwig
e. Safari Contract UpdateDavid Ludwig/
Scott Isaacson
f. BrightBytesESUCC Executive Director David Ludwig
*. CASE (Case for Service Agencies)ESUCC Executive Director David Ludwig
C. Cooperative Purchasing ProjectCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
I. Agenda ItemCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
a. eProcurement UpdateCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
*. Future eProcurement OptionsInterim Director Craig Peterson
*. ESM invoiceCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
b. Program UpdatesCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
*. Annual BuyCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
-. Order AggregationInterim Director Craig Peterson
*. Special BuysCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
-. World BookInterim Director Craig Peterson
*. AEPACommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
-. Contract ExtensionsInterim Director Craig Peterson
-. New ContractsInterim Director Craig Peterson
c. Future EffortsCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
*. COOP Director Application ProcessESUCC Executive Director David Ludwig
*. Coop VisionCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
d. Policy Adoption - Unified Policies & TimelineCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
e. Master Service AgreementCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
D. PD Leadership CommitteeCommittee Chair - Kraig Lofquist
I. Agenda ItemCommittee Chair - Kraig Lofquist
a. January PDOCommittee Chair - Kraig Lofquist
b. Master Service AgreementCommittee Chair - Kraig Lofquist
*. 2014-2015 PDO Budget RequestsCommittee Chair - Kraig Lofquist
-. SDA RequestsCommittee Chair - Kraig Lofquist
>. Strategist/MentorCommittee Chair - Kraig Lofquist
c. NMPDS Math Grant UpdatesDeb Hericks
*. Grant Opportunities ($60,000)Deb Hericks
d. ESUPDO Schedule for 2015-16Committee Chair - Kraig Lofquist
E. Special Education CommitteeCommittee Chair - Marge Beatty
I. Agenda ItemCommittee Chair - Marge Beatty
a. Wade Fruhling - SRS ReportWade Fruhling
*. SRS ReportWade Fruhling
*. Project ParaWade Fruhling
*. ILCDWade Fruhling
*. AAPWade Fruhling
b. Master Service AgreementCommittee Chair - Marge Beatty
c. Systems Analyst UpdateCommittee Chair - Marge Beatty
d. MedicaidCommittee Chair - Marge Beatty
e. IDEA PaperworkCommittee Chair - Marge Beatty
F. Legislative CommitteeCommittee Chair - Liz Standish
I. Agenda ItemCommittee Chair - Liz Standish
a. Network NE Membership (Non-Profit Agencies)ESUCC Executive Director David Ludwig
b. LB 497Committee Chair - Liz Standish
*. NE Repository for Online Blended LearningESUCC Executive Director David Ludwig
*. Senator Kolowski (Tier 2 Funding)ESUCC Executive Director David Ludwig
c. Facility FundingCommittee Chair - Liz Standish
9. New and Miscellaneous BusinessPresident - Jeff West
A. AttorneyPresident - Jeff West
B. Best Practices DiscusionPresident - Jeff West
10. Unfinished BusinessPresident - Jeff West
A. Bylaws & Policy ReviewESUCC President - Jeff West
B. Strategic Planning ProcessPresident - Jeff West
11. Public Comment: Recognition of VisitorsESUCC President - Jeff West
12. Executive SessionPresident - Jeff West
13. AdjournmentPresident - Jeff West