Agenda Report

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Regular Meeting
April 08, 2015 10:30 AM
ESU No. 3
6949 south 110th Street
LaVista, NE

1. ESU Coordinating Council Information
2. Call to Order
3. Roll Call
4. Approval of Minutes
5. Petitions and Communications to the Board
A. State Board of Education and Nebraska Department of Education ReportNebraska Department of Education
B. Association of Education Service Agency's ReportAESA Representative - Jeff West
6. Executive Reports
A. Executive Director Report
B. Executive Committee Report
I. Agenda ItemChair of Committee
a. Math/Science Partnership Grant - Ad Hoc Committee UpdateMsrge Beatty
b. NE State-wide Continuous Improvement ModelExecutive Director - David M Ludwig
c. LobbyistExecutive Director - David M Ludwig
d. Master Service Agreement
e. MOU with ESUCC/NDECommittee Chair - Jeff West
f. ESUCC/NCSA CommitteeExecutive Director- David Ludwig
g. ESU 50 Year CelebrationJeff West - President
7. Public Comment ESUCC President - Jeff West
8. Recommendations from Standing Committees and Project Reports
A. Finance, Audit, Budget Committee
I. Agenda ItemChair of Committee
a. Monthly Staff Budget Meeting - April 2, 2015Committee Chair - Dennis Radford
b. Approve Claims, Financials Statements, and Assets for Month of FebruaryChair of Committee
c. Approval of March ExpensesCommittee Chair - Dennis Radford
d. Approve ESUCC Credit Card LimitCommittee Chair - Dennis Radford
e. Fiscal Management Goals (Departmental Carry Over)
*. Coop
*. SRS
*. LMS (Committee Recommendation/Revenue)
B. Technology Committee
I. Agenda ItemChair of Committee
a. ESUCC Technology PlanUhing/
*. Single-Sign On Timeline/RFPChair of Committee - Bob Uhing
*. Cloud Learning Environment Update
*. One Page Talking Point DocumentScott Issacson
*. Safari Update and RecommendationScott Isaacson
b. Lincoln ArchdioceseCommittee Chair - Bob Uhing
c. LMS Recommendations
d. Master Service AgreementESUCC Executive Director David Ludwig
*. Learn360
*. Safari Montage
e. Approve New Acquisitions 2014-2015Rhonda Eis
f. Approve IMAT Special Projects 2014-2015 UseRhonda Eis
*. NDE ContractChair of Committee - Bob Uhing
g. Bright Bytes Pilot UpdateChair of Committee - Bob Uhing
h. Technology Chair ResignationCommittee Chair - Bob Uhing
i. Staff ReportsChair of Committee
*. Rhonda EisRhonda Eis
*. Scott IsaacsonScott Isaacson
*. Gordon RoethemeyerGordon Roethemeyer
C. Cooperative Purchasing Project
I. Agenda ItemCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
a. Coop VisionCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
b. COOP GoalsCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
*. Reduce the Number of POsCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
*. Billing Responsive to District needsCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
*. Enhancement of Coop through Statewide communicationCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
*. Effective statewide trainingCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
*. Develop a "user friendly" environmentCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
*. Ensure on-time deliveryCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
c. Program UpdatesCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
*. Annual/Paper BuyCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
-. 2015 Paper Buy TotalsPaul Tedesco
*. Specials BuysCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
-. Recommend Adobe Enterprise License AgreementPaul Tedesco
*. AEPACommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
-. Recommend payment of AEPA yearly feesPaul Tedesco
d. Interlocal Agreement to share Coop Purchasing DirectorCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
e. Future Effort/TimelineCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
f. FinancialCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
g. Statewide CommunicationsCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
h. Policy & ProceduresCommittee Chair - Paul Tedesco
D. PD Leadership Committee
I. Agenda ItemChair of Committee
a. May PDOCommittee Chair - Kraig Lofquist
b. Master Service AgreementCommittee Chair - Kraig Lofquist
*. NWEACommittee Chair - Kraig Loquist
*. Technology Committee RecommendationsCommittee Chair - Kraig Loquist
-. Safari MontageCommittee Chair - Kraig Loquist
-. Learn360Committee Chair - Kraig Loquist
c. MSP Math Grant UpdatesDeb Hericks
*. NMPDS 2015-2016 Preliminary BudgetCommittee Chair - Kraig Lofquist
*. NMPDS Brochure for 2015-2016Committee Chair - Kraig Loquist
E. Special Populations Committee
I. Agenda ItemChair of Committee
a. Wade Fruhling - SRS ReportWade Fruhling
*. AAP
*. Project Para
*. SRS Report
b. SRS Mission/VisionCommittee Chair - Beatty
c. Application Systems Analyst: Transition Time LineCommittee Chair - Marge Beatty
d. MedicaidCommittee Chair - Marge Beatty
e. SEARIS (Special Education Assessments & Reports) SoftwareCommittee Chair - Beatty/
f. IEP Facilitation TrainingCommittee Chair - Marge Beatty
F. Legislative Committee
I. Agenda ItemChair of Committee
a. ESUCC Legislative Action Plan
b. Network NE Membership (Non-Profit Agencies)Committee Chair - Liz Standish
c. LB 343 (Programs of Excellence)Committee Chair - Liz Standish
d. LB 478 (ESU Facility Funding)Executive Director - David M Ludwig
e. AppropriationsCommittee Chair - Liz Standish
f. LobbyistCommittee Chair Liz Standish
9. New and Miscellaneous Business
A. Best Practices DiscusionPresident Jeff West
10. Unfinished Business
A. Bylaws & Policy ReviewESUCC President - Jeff West
B. Strategic Planning Process
11. Public Comment: Recognition of VisitorsESUCC President - Jeff West
12. Strategy session to receive legal advice from ESUCC’s attorney and discuss options regarding service contract. Preseident - Jeff West
13. Executive Session
A. Strategy session to receive legal advice from ESUCC’s attorney and discuss options regarding service contract. President - Jeff West
14. Adjournment