ESU Coordinating Council
May 06, 2014 9:30 AM
Technology Committee Meeting
1. Call to Order

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2. Roll call
3. Information Item
Chair of Committee
3.A. Staff Reports
Chair of Committee
3.A.I. Rhonda Eis
Rhonda Eis

Scott and Rhonda have been working with Chris Watson to sort through the final charges that apply for this past year and to establish costs for the upcoming fiscal year. The Safari Montage team is working through some Edcast issues for ESU 13 with the Learn360 links. Rhonda has started to EdCast more Nebraska titles and will monitor that transfer. We are slowly progressing in having current issues resolved.

3.A.II. Scott Isaacson
Scott Isaacson

This summer, Scott plans to work with NOC on statewide projects beginning with high-level design of basic services and needs in May, and plan to review/revise in the summer.
Identity Management - writing specs for user provisioning system, will evaluate solutions including YAMS; Will be completing initial work for data dashboard system in about 3 weeks, then begin integration testing;
Letter from Brenda Decker stating that Network Nebraska will not add the Identity Management funding as discussed and proposed to NNAG. We will continue the discussion about where this work should be supported and collaborate on ways to accomplish building this foundation statewide.
The IssueView ticket system is installed and being configured for ESUCC projects.
An NDE Inter-local agreement being drafted to formalize work we undertake together.

3.A.III. Gordon Roethemeyer
Gordon Roethemeyer

Renovo - we are discontinuing the Renovo contract. The committee agrees that ESUCC can continue to host the Renovo software for individual ESUs or participants who want to license the software on their own.

Community colleges who are offering dual-credit courses may put content on the ESU Safari servers and could pursue licenses on an ESU area server.

3.A.IV. Eric Smith
Eric Smith

Is pursuing a new agreement with Blackboard to reduce ongoing costs and will use a Doodle poll to schedule summer training for ESU staff who will then be able to provide support for their area schools.

We look at 2014-15 as a year for RFI and side-by-side comparison of efforts. It was noted that support has been the largest problem with the existing system and will need to be addressed whether through the vendor or a distributed system.

LMS is changing rapidly and Eric will work to provide frequent updates for stakeholders.

3.B. 682 Interim Study
Kraig Lofquist

Dave and BlendEd chairs have meetings planned with Senator Scheer and Senator Sullivan.

3.C. Safari Montage
Chair of Committee - Bob Uhing
3.D. LMS
Chair of Committee - Bob Uhing

See also Eric's staff report above.

BlendEd is watching evaluation processes at Omaha Public Schools and ESU 11 and will make recommendations for future evaluations or action based on those outcomes.

3.E. NOC minutes 042314

NOC Minutes 042314


See Ron's attached report.

Chad DeWester is the NOC Chair for 2014-15 and Mike Danahy was elected Recorder.

The group continues to look at opportunities for statewide collaboration and has asked for project plans and design documents for the Identity Management work.

Ron report:

May 6, 2014 - NOC Summary Report

Identity Management Project (IdM)
1. Visualization of the Project needed
a. diagram of components
b. project scope and definition
c. Timeline and key drivers (Data Dashboard)

2. How do we move it forward?
a. talking points for discussion
b. policies and compliance needs
c. discussion with affected entities (NATA)

Network Nebraska
Bidding process concerns
(Best and Final Offer and lack of benefits)
Pre-bid vendor meetings
Summer circuit planning
Preliminary costs

Ubiquiti AirMax - November 12 & 13 - Columbus

Consolidation of Services
DNS, NTP would be quick/easy
SPAM & email security (Cisco IronPort)
SIS & LMS & SAFARI modules were mentioned

NOC Leadership
Chad DeWester – NOC Chair
Mike Danahy – NOC Recorder
Gary Needham – NOC Liaison to ESUPDO
Ron Cone – Network Nebraska Advisory Group (K12) rep for Mike Danahy

3.F. Master Services Agreement (DRAFT)
Scott Isaacson
3.G. Illinois Co-Development MOU
Scott Isaacson
4. Recommended Actions Items
Chair of Committee
5. Next Meeting Agenda Items
6. Adjournment

Meeting Adjourned at 10:04 AM.