October 22, 2014 8:30 AM
Administrator Meeting
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2. Networking Discussions
3. Critical Review

  • Advisory Committee report. 
  • Follow up discussions. 

4. Concussion Prevention
Cathy Schroeder, ESU 1


The Traumatic Brain Injury grant for our area is facilitated through ESU 1. The Return to Learn legislation has some required elements with regard to annual presentations and concussion management teams.   Ms. Schroeder will give necessary information to schools regarding this legislation. 

5. ESU's Top 7
Professional Services Team
5.A. Number 1: Erate Discussion
Beth Kabes

Upon returning from the USAC Erate Training, below are a few items that were clarified by the USAC team.

1. Rural status will be for communities of less than 2,500 population. Previously, the rural status was for communities of under 50,000, which did not include Urban Clusters. Those urban clusters of 2,500 - 50,000 are now classified as urban. The percentage difference between rural and urban depends on your NSLP (free and reduced lunch) numbers. The discount matrix will be reviewed at the Erate meeting on November 19.

2. Voice services applications, such as POTS, cellular, FAX, Long-Distance, will be phased out during the next two - four years. You will be able to apply for these services in 2015, however, your discount will be reduced by 20% each year and subsequent year. For example, if you have a 50% discount, your voice service application will be discounted at 30% for year 2015 and then assuming everything is the same in year 2016, voice services will be discounted at 10% for that same example. 

3. Internet access and transport applications will continue to be funded at the new discount rate based on urban/rural status and NSLP percentages. 

4. Category 2 applications, which are similar to the previous Priority 2 applications are for funding year 2015 and 2016. This application is for Internal Connections which can include wiring, wireless access points, routers, and maintenance. The amount eligible is calculated at $150 X student population. A funded application would be eligible for their discount based on the matrix from item 1 above. For these infrastructure needs and projects, be working with your local technology staff and ESU technology staff to develop a proposal. It is recommended to begin this proposal process prior to the Erate 470 meeting on November 19.

5.B. Number 2: NWEA
Barb Friesth/Marci Ostmeyer/Dave Perkins
5.C. Number 3: Standards/NeSA Update
Barb Friesth/Marci Ostmeyer/Dave Perkins
5.D. Number 4: Robotics Scrimmage
Otis Pierce/Marci Ostmeyer
5.E. Number 5: Let's Look at the Website!
Dan Ellsworth
5.F. Number 6: Network Palooza
Dave Perkins
5.G. Number 7: Title IIA Facilitator Change
Larianne Polk/Marci Ostmeyer/Barb Friesth
6. Accreditation Information and Q&A
Frieda Lange

Frieda Lange, NDE, will discuss AdvancED/NE Framework accreditation and answer questions. 

7. Administrator's Comments

  • Audit
  • Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council (ESUCC) vision and mission
  • ESUCC update
  • Senator discussion in December, possible joint event
    • Questions/Topics 
  • Powerschool Consortium
  • Coop Advisory Committee update
  • Revised meeting schedule

8. Advisory Meeting
Darus Mettler


8.A. Theme for 2014-2015
Darus Mettler
8.B. Timetable
Darus Mettler
8.C. MOE – upcoming Maintenance of Effort calculations
Darus Mettler
8.D. IDEA Funds – IDEA writing session in December
Darus Mettler
8.E. Partnerships
Darus Mettler