December 17, 2014 8:00 AM
Administrator Meeting
1. Click here for link to access notes from this meeting.
Otis Pierce

Agenda and notes are available by clicking here.

2. Round Table Networking Discussions

  • New Board Member Orientation

  • What it means to be progressive

  • School Improvement support from ESU, what does it look like?

  • What assessments do we use, how do we decide?

  • Others as determined by the group

3. Commissioner and Senators' Panel
Larianne Polk


- Commissioner Blomstedt, Confirmed

- Senator Schumacher, Confirmed

- Senator Johnson, Confirmed, will attend by phone

- Senator Dubas, Confirmed

- Senator Sullivan, Confirmed

- New Senator District 24, Mark Kolterman, unconfirmed

- New Senator District 34, Curt Friesen, unconfirmed

- Senator Adams, unable to attend 

- Rachel Wise, President of State School Board, Confirmed

4. ESU's Top Picks
Professional Services Team
4.A. Number 1: Update on eRate
Beth Kabes

Links to resources to use for Category 2 RFP

Diigo group of RFP examples for wiring and equipment

Link to Checklist and Timeline for Category 2 submissions

4.B. Number 2: Update on next Clarity Collection
Otis Pierce
4.C. Number 3: ESU7 Promotional Tidbits
Otis and Beth

7 Library Tips - blog post that goes to all library staff on the library listserv every two week.

4.D. Number 4: Math Standards Revision
Marci Ostmeyer via ?
4.E. Number 5: English Language Arts Standards Revision and Priority Standards
Barb Friesth
5. Services Data and Planning
Larianne Polk
6. Special Education Advisory Meeting 1:00-2:00
Darus Mettler
7. Advisory Meeting 2:00-3:00
Cory Worrell